Skills, Tips and Tricks; How To Build Guitar Effects

Guitar Effects FAQ

A sturdy actuator for alternative footswitches

Effects Prototyping Techniques  - There must be fifty ways to splash your solder...

A quick and dirty audio test oscillator - no more guitar in one hand while tweaking and soldering with the other

Paper Templates make drilling Boxes Easy - just print, tape and drill away!

Dead Bug prototyping  An easy to paste parts in anywhere.

Using Plastic Boxes - and not having to hum about it!

Replace the pesky 4739 and CLM6000 in Craig Anderton's effects projects

The Secret Life of Pots - things you probably didn't know about the things behind the knobs

How to Trace Effects  and get it right without going blind

Swirl Painting Boxes - killer Psychedelia Color!
Swirl Painted Box #1 (about 175K)
Swirl Painted Box #2 (about 160K)

Removing a DIP Integrated Circuit - ARGH! the IC's dead! How do I get it out without also losing the PCB? Read here!

TO-1 Transistor Pinout - Confused about the leads on that ultrarare germanium device? 

Wanna try circuit ideas FAST? Then make yourself a flexible effects prototyping board! Here's a look at the opposite view of the proto board .

How to mount parts in a stomp box and actually have them fit in there and not interfere. Pro-quality results in your garage.

How to build GEO effects (pdf) - print this for the real in-depth how-to for GEO effects boards 

Links to other info you'll find useful: